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Company Name: Ho Jet Industrial Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan, Taichung
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Self-Centering Vises

  • HO JET

*This vise is suitable for precision machining of four-axis, five-axis, CNC index plates and vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines.
*The repetitive positioning accuracy of the vise center can maintain ±0.01mm
*The body material of the vise is made of alloy steel and has a higher strength than ordinary screw locks. The slide rail has been heat treated with high frequency at HRC45° or higher to maintain high wear resistance.
*The special structure design of the vise can effectively prevent the workpiece from floating when the workpiece is clamped. Also excellent on locking force.
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Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Manufacture, Wholesale
Payment Term: T/T
Customization: ODM Accepted, OEM Accepted

Ho Jet Industrial Co., Ltd.

A specialist designer and maker of machine tool accessories, Ho Jet Industrial Co., Ltd. markets under own HO JET brand. Handling everything from R&D and manufacturing to management and marketing in-house, we are highly regarded for quality products in over a dozen countries. 

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